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So… just here to share that Lorian is not only darkness and shadows. I scrapped the bio, because it’s hard to share informations without even heavier spoilers, which would be telling literally whole plot of the novel :>

It seems Lorian is only vile. But it’s not all he is.

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  1. Sorry! I misunderstood. 😳 It’s just that whenever he appears in this story, he gives me this idea. He only seems to soften when he is with Nymre.
    In the other version, I could see a good side, but in this one I still haven’t seen it. =/
    So I thought he was just cruel. And I wouldn’t trust him. But if you say so, then situations will certainly arise where he will show another side, a good or less cruel one. 😓🥺 Sorry again. =(

    1. No worries! 🙂 He definitely is not good per se, he is very dark and cruel. I just realized I wrote my bio in very one sided way, without showing important facts, which happen in him :> I want to create complex characters, not flat, so I gave him bad treatment in the bio :3 He will make even more dark, vile things, but he is layered :3

      So this actually made me think haha :>

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