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The Dance

Enjoy light-hearted Lorian :> He can be like that too.


His hands embraced her waist, dragging her against his chest in a possessive gesture. Nymre allowed on that and looking into his eyes, she smiled at him, a beautiful, dangerous smile of a predatory creature, caught in the net made of night. The dim, magic-filled ballroom lit only with fairy lights, closed over them with darkness, she felt his shadows slipping under her dress, invisible for others, hungry.

“Let’s show them what we are made of” she teased him.

The music filled the air, spring-like, like a rippling stream during meltdown, but with a touch of something hidden, something unattended and wild – sometimes hitting a more unsettling note. Lorian pressed her tighter, his darker presence in need for her light.

“Of stars and moonlight, and forgotten dreams” he whispered into her ear.

And he led her into a dance.

It was untamed, like the music which was accompanying them entered their veins and filled them with fire, with wind, and raging waves. They abandoned themselves, with flames under their skin, awash with azure tides.

Lorian took her into adventure and she didn’t want to return. These moments with him were like soft feathers sliding over her very spine; intimate, in joyful, pure way. Something others never expected of him. Something he held for her. Something unruly, dark and light at the same time. A mystery to solve, a universe in his black eyes, ready to be explored. His dark aura and her lighter one, absorbing each other, were creating almost touchable pleasure.

The music reigned over them, embracing them with the sound of the blooming meadows, woods filled with life and silent passages, sleeping under a thick veil of snow. Sound of frozen caverns and deep woods taken by the winter, forever.

“Of raging light and seething darkness” she added, allowing his hands to slide down her hips.

“Of night eternal and frozen storms” he smiled mischievously and kissed her in the neck, just where her collar exposed the skin. She sighed when his lips touched fragile place behind her ear. She felt as his darkness slowly explores her, a touch of shadows and desire.

The Fae which gathered in the ballroom observed them; unknown enemies, loyal courtiers, those who would betray them if they were weaker, and those who admired them, openly or silently. The way he took her and filled her with rhythm and sound; it was something spellbound in them, so the court allowed the spell to drink from their feelings. Lorian’s enchantment embracing them and swallowing completely. Nymre’s smile conquering them over and over again. They enjoyed it. They enjoyed it a lot. Lorian seemed another person, when all eyes were on them and when he felt as his lover’s aura brims with content, pulling him to her with gossamer tendrils.

This was their time. This was their moment.

Before whole world drowns in blood.



I imagine this music playing while they dance:

4 Comments on “The Dance”

  1. I remember that part. I think it was one of the first I read of your story. 🖤

    Of stars and moonlight, and forgotten dreams
    Of raging light and seething darkness
    Of night eternal and frozen storms


    PS: Faun is cool.😊

  2. I enjoyed reading this text.🖤 It gives me a feeling (I don’t know if that’s the right word) of magic. I confess that I don’t know exactly the difference between this newest version and the previous one, as it’s been a long time. But from what you said, the difference is in the interaction between Lorian and Nymre, which is much more sensual here. It’s as if they were made for each other.😊

    Leira and Lorian is something more carnal? A fire?
    And is his love really Nymre?
    If you want to keep it a secret, I understand. 😊

    1. Leira and Lorian is pure lust 😉 It will of course develop into something more, a lot more, but their feelings are wild and exactly that – fire. It can bring a lot of good or destroy all around them :>
      Lorian and Nymre is tested and proved love through many many long years. They had ups and downs, Lorian rubbed her patience and vice versa… now, they are in the problematic situation of certain lack of trust (because of Lorian’s secrets). But they do love each other. It’s something really deep.
      Lorian is between two women, who he has strong but different feelings to. More even, Nymre hates Leira. It’s hard situation 😉

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