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ATOM: Luna – VI

Leira’s silent feet walked the bloodied floor. The fae who feasted between these walls already departed to continue their dark enjoyment elsewhere. Her boots stained fast – but she didn’t pay attention to them. Her hair was falling with a thick cascade in her moonlit face. She had to see it. How wild they can be, when their veins boiled hot. The ballroom seemed a place from sensual and cruel nightmares, where dark needs were fulfilled in most ruthless and perverse way.

The chamber smelled of magic. Not even of blood. Of fae. Beautiful scent of flowers, trees and leaves. They could enchant a human with mere this, if they wanted. Before, she was asking herself so many times, why such cruel beings were graced with such charming beauty, with tempting voices and powers. This was before she understood the fey, where her life was a streak of fearful days, one after another. Now… she understood that faeries were hunters, and their beauty was their trap. Brightly blooming predatory flowers, tempting their prey. It was so obvious and her views from before were now laughable for her. The fae could force you to love them. Force you on your knees, Or just feast on your fear like carnivores feast on meat.

And Lorian…

His darkness was his temptation. Pulling his victims on an iron string with tendrils of shadows, collecting them, to swallow them later.

And she fell for it. After long years of resisting. But now… she wanted to know more. Now, she felt that he returns her curiosity, interest, and passion. That he wants more of her. Not only for her body, that he could and had anytime. Of her.

She was curious of his soul, she wanted to dig deeper, fascinated. Passion and a will to understand, a dangerous amalgament, definitely for her. She felt it in her mind when their thoughts intertwined.

The fae liked someone when it was convenient. Loved when they could feel it sensually. Lorian… he didn’t only say he admires her. She felt that. In all lies he was capable of saying, it was a rare truth.

She knew that Lorian was in her mind, anchored in her thoughts. This would be frightening, if she wasn’t used to it. Her thoughts were his thoughts, her feelings were his. He felt with her and was with her all the time.

Yes, this would be terrifying for them all. It would be even terrifying, if they knew that he can do that, enter their heads, play with their thoughts. Change them. But she was not afraid. If someone wanted to hurt her… he would react ruthlessly and fast.

And you like that.

Thoughts were running through her head, uninvited. She loved it more and more. She only hoped none of them – the fey – will ever see it. To never become an open book, so the enemies, the same who spilled blood here mere hour ago, couldn’t find her weak spots.

The floor was wet and she could see herself on the surface of blood. Crimson face, like an omen. Her eyes calm like ponds, also red, gleaming in the crimson with ghastly light. She could swear she sees Lorian’s face, just near her own, his smile mysterious and heartwrenching. But as soon as soon as he appeared, he vanished, leaving her confused.

All fae seemed to depart. But she was not alone.

A soft voice reached her from the door. But loud enough to startle her. She turned slowly, her heart involuntarily started to beat a tone faster… but not enough he could find out it did.

Kolerial Verne’se.

The one she spied. The husband of a woman she sentenced to death.

His smile was kind. Awfully kind.

He crossed his arms, in an aloof pose. His long hair seemed windswept, like he was on the balcony or the window, admiring winter.

“You look at your face in the mirror of blood, child? They say such a mirror… shows much more to the one who looks into it. But not all answers given by it are… happy ones.”

“My lord” she made a curtsy, her dress fluttered around her legs.

“Do not pretend. We both know you have only one lord” his eyes darkened, Usually icy blue, now reached much darker colors. “How he hid you. Bearing a slave status, and on a leash. He has an intriguing mind, I must give that to him.”

He got closer to her. She didn’t back off. She didn’t even fear. She knew now, it was too late for him. Now, he could do nothing. Lorian spared him. Every move against her, would be his doom.

“I always wondered why he kept you for so long…” mused Vern’ese. “Now I know. I remember when he brought you to Dal’coler. You were prey incarnate… but he always had been drawn to you, no matter what he was doing to you… How did such a fawn become a wolf? Fascinating…”

A smile cracked Leira’s lips. Her pose, so far bent in a slight bow, straightened. Her face met Kolerial’s. Her eyes gleamed with something dangerous. She didn’t need to pretend anymore. He knew. She didn’t have to hide.

“We are all living our lives the best we can” her voice wasn’t the voice of a slave. Not of a prey incarnate. This voice… only Lorian was aware of. Only he knew of her inner struggles, her fears, her desires and her strength. “Even if we must use teeth and talons.”

“Oh yes! You not only survive. You like it” smiled Kolerial.

“Would you not like it, my lord?” she smiled, beautifully. Like a fae.

“If I was you, I would drown in it” laughed the fey. “You are of a lower race. Every other would not hide anymore under the mask of a servant. They would want to avenge their suffering. The faster the better, they would not allow others to see them weak and bent. But you…”

Her smile still on her lips, wandering. Defiant.

“… you enjoy pulling the strings. And that is… very faery. I could congratulate you. If you didn’t kill my wife. Who was a fool, but I loved her. If I was a fool as well, I would kill you now.”

“I don’t doubt a lover in you still wants to do it” her eyes were merciless, like daggers. “I am not surprised. I am not afraid either.”

“Ah, but your only power is being our king’s spy. His favorite. His… toy.”

Leira chuckled.

“Do say what your heart desires, my lord. I long ago stopped caring about words. They can sting, they can slice. Fae kind never spared me their words. They can bury so hard into one’s soul. But only if one  let them enter it.”

Kolerial’s eyes drilled her through. She could swear his mind works faster than usually, that he tries to… feel her. And she could swear that she heard a smile in her head. Lorian’s joy. She heard him, but at the same time not. She saw his voice. She felt the touch of his black gaze.

“You are very bold for a prey…” eventually, Kolerial stopped examining her. “But that could be said by every fey. You are ready for words and their blades… But now, we serve the same master. I can’t betray Lorian and I don’t plan to. I want peaceful and wealthy life. My wife… ” he stopped but shook his head. “But do know… not all of us will like it if they find out how well you played with their lives. How you fooled them. They could stand and possibly will stand being fooled by their king. But not by a lower human being.”

“I will take a risk, my lord. Do I have another choice?”

“If you want to live, no.”

“So I will do what my heart desires. And risk my life in this. After all, we all are playing it. It’s the cruel charm of Dal’coler.”

“And you really know how to be in its favor” he offered her a bitter gleam. She knew him, partially. Lorian told her about old autumnal lords. The ones who had souls still in autumn.

Kolerial, Alnam, Manahal, Lokin.

They all had copper leaves in their hearts, and bright  rays of sun.

And her heart belonged to frozen planes and  high icy peaks.

She looked as he departed. Slow-cat like moves. His scent of pansies, his aura, gleaming mutely.


There was no turn back. In Dal’coler, even the stones were hungry.

Kolerial disappeared behind the vast door, leaving only silence. Silence so thick that could choke her, if entered her lungs.

Her feet carried her again. In dim hush, her boots meeting the stone floor was an only sound. Death was still present here, but turned into awaiting, patient silence. She walked to the throne, on which Lorian was usually sitting during feasts. The chair next to it, only slightly smaller, belonged to Nymre. Always by his side, a watchful raven eye. A lover. Almost a wife, if he ever decided to take one. Her heart beat faster, when her fingers ran over the ornamental frame of the royal seat. Blood. Everywhere, drying slowly. And the slight scent of his aura, violet darkness. The throne was engraved with wild brushas, his symbol. With an uncanny, almost human faces, swallowing their own tails, feasting on own pain. A symbol of someone who will do everything to achieve his goals, no matter how many he hurts on the path to it. No matter how much scars he will carve in his own flesh. No matter if he dies, he will always prevail. Relentless. Unstoppable.

And she heard a voice. Lazy, muted, but which sounded like an opening wound.

He took her here. Poured blood on her skin and took her. Do you want to know how? How she moaned for more?

Her heart stopped for a second. She looked around, but saw no one. Not even fairy lights, the chamber was illuminated only by the huge orb of the solstice moon.

“Who is there?”

You love it, yes, old soul? That he ravished her. That he ate her whole. How does it feel? How does it feel, old soul?”

The voice seemed to come from everywhere… but from nowhere. Drilling into her heart.

She felt fear, yes.

Whoever it was, he knew what lays in her heart. And wanted to harm her with it. Wanted to sprout a seed of doubt.

The voice became a dull silence, filling her ears with its song. Pressing inside her head, just like Lorian’s mind… but without pleasant strokes, without sensual touch of his shadowed power. It was the dimness of fire burning in a closed space, a trapped flame, hungry for air.

A flame maiming her mind, mincing it like meat pulled between two stones.

And again, it left her, making her gasp.



It wants Lorian.

And you.

How does it feel?

The last frantic thought caught her mind in cruel tongs, squeezed her head and she could feel that her brain – might – just – trickled through her earholes.

She fell on the floor, with her hands on her ears, trying to stop the absence of the sound. The absence of life.

The absence of space unpolluted by the trapped flame.

How does it feel to have your mind open so much? Old child?

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    1. The thing is that even he doesn’t know 😉 He is very torn. Something he actually asked for but can’t solve :> Troubles!
      Thank you, Juli!

      1. Leira killed Kolerial’s wife and Lorian killed Alnam’s son?
        Why do the Autumn Lords stay at the Winter Court if their loss is so high? I’m aware that Fae do not feel love as Humans do, but this is kin and family … I guess this is something different and demands revenge, doesn’t it?

        1. Oh definitely. Autumn Court passed with Lorian’s father, it doesn’t exist anymore. They have only current court, which is not exactly what they find home. Other fae love if, but their time stopped in the past.
          And of course they will want revenge! This will be something that I plan to write later. Leira will be in real danger.
          As for Alnam – he hates Lorian with passion. He tried go against Lorian many times – but he would like him dead of course. This will be an important part of the plot.

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