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Meet the Writer

So, I thought I will write a bit of myself, because I drew something (lorian-y real lorian) and maybe someone would like to know me better :>

Lorian the Writer

I look young for my age, almost teenage-like, I am older than this could indicate.

I am withdrawn man, living at the edge of thick woods, in small town at the South of Poland. I live with my dog Barnaby, two cats, Kukulcan and Boniface, and my girlfriend. I don’t have any family any longer, and I am even happy because of that (my family was… evil).

I like dark things, ominous music, dangerous stuff. My personality type is INFJ, that sums up my love for dark and at the same time really strong insecurity. I always write scenarios, very bad ones, that people hate what I do. I probably should have more common sense in that head of mine.

I write for short time, draw also for short period… but I really really love it. I do it daily, with a cat on my lap, and he helps too (destroying my skin). I put a lot of my own personality and views into my stories and art. I feel it as creative outlet for all my dreams and fears and a vent, a world where I can live different life. I am devoted to art and creative process and breathe it all the time.

My woods:

I am very loyal to my friends and when I befriend someone, I will stand their back till the end of time. I love all my friends. Thank you for being here with me.

I hate crowds, and cigarettes.  I am allergic to cigarette smoke, I literally choke when I sense it. I am not very social, I love to roam woods and when I do not, I love to talk to my friends online. It’s the only place where I truly open and where I can be myself (when no one sees my face turning black from lack of social skills).

I have low appetite and don’t like to eat (I gave that trait to my fey). But possibly my favorite food are bananas and blood sausage. And pickles and maybe apples.  Still I can’t force myself to eat a lot of these. That’s why I am 49 kilograms of weight, actually I am very small too. Lower that a dwarf (I am 158 cm, very small).

And here a small funny things, maybe you would want to summon me, so I could read your novel(even more) and give feedback (even more in depth).


If you wish to summon Lorian (the writer), you must collect few peculiar items.


– few pine needles gathered in the darkest part of the woods.

– a wolf claw (not stolen from actual wolf, you must search for one the wolf shed, or Lorian will bite through your aorta in righteous rage). It can be antlers too, if you have don’t access to wolves. They can be really… secretive.

– an old animal bones gathered at midnight.

– a hellebore.

– a piece of burned paper with a poem by you, written with coal.


Chant something… delicious.


When you summon me, you can get:

– an advise where is the best to pick mushrooms.

– an information what lays beneath that old tree that looks like lovers (it may be surprising for you).

– I will read your stories. Comment them thoroughly. Give feedback.

– a flock of raven feathers.

– an actual raven (you must free it into the wild after you admire its beauty).

– fragrance closed in tiny corked fairy bottle: scent of darkness, mist and moonlight.


After you summon me, you will have to give me your name, though. This may be disturbing for you, when you realize what have you done…

… but so good for me…


Have a Kukulcan at the end, because he is adorable.

2 Comments on “Meet the Writer”

  1. How cool to read a little about you. ^^ We have some things in common. I also look younger than I am. And I’m not very social either…I can say that I’m quite anti-social to be honest. I hate crowds, I hate being in a place where there are a lot of people. But I love going to the mall (when necessary) and going to the movies, although lately there’s only crap and the last time I went to the cinema… I don’t remember if it was to see the latest Hobbit film or if it was to watch the King Arthur movie (the newer one, I don’t know if you know it… yeah, it’s been a long, long time).

    I love animals, but I don’t want to have them anymore. Because when they die, it is a huge pain and it is very sad. And I lost my last cat at the beginning of the year. She was 21 years old. The urn with her ashes is with me.
    There was a time when we had 5 dogs and 5 cats, today we only have one cat. He belongs to my mother, but in fact it belongs to the whole family. 😀

    I don’t have beautiful forests like the one in your photo. Here it’s just buildings and more buildings and as I live on the 15th floor, I see the sea in the distance… 😀

    I also don’t like cigarettes…My mother always grumbles when she passes someone smoking…XD
    And I usually say that I have a child’s appetite. I just like to eat junk. 😀 Everything that is healthy…is not tasty. 😛 And I eat a lot of beans…almost every day.

    PS: Your cat is beautiful!!

    1. Great to know that we have things in common! Anti-social party takes over the world 😀
      I always feel awful after junk food :> So I just pass on it!
      Animals, when passing away, always leave a huge gap in heart. But I can’t not have at least one. I had animals since birth. I am so used to 😉
      Oh, I rarely has seen the sea. I lived whole life here, on south, sea is on the north and I don’t like going on vacations haha. Too many people.

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