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Nymre and Leira

I have something to share – actually, since there is a “thing” that binds Nymre and Leira – Lorian, Nymre will warm up to Leira.

I won’t say any word more, but… Nymre will later protect Leira from other fae.

Nymre thinks now many bad things, but this will end after some time. “Time changes everything”.

My fae are not obvious and a lot twisted. Nymre will maybe have hard time, but… all will change.

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First of all, thank you, Darkenaz for your hard work with me over improving my novel and inspiring with ideas. You are great friend and such an creative artist. I am proud of being your friend.

Here are written thoughts about my main “love triangle” as funny as it sounds.

Lorian is with Nymre for a very long time. They have very young bodies so they love to use them and feel the fire – but I see Lorian as this 60+ husband, who lived most of his life with a woman and she grew into it, made herself omnipresent and he is with her, still, he can’t imagine not to. Of course this 60+ husband loves his wife. But… It’s comfortable love. Adding – in their case – good sex to it, fire, and lust, it makes it less obvious, almost hard to pinpoint. They know they will always be together, no matter what – Nymre rather kills Lorian’s lovers than blame him. He is, after all, part of her life that she can’t really imagine it without.

But… Leira is a strong one, bold. She is so different from Nymre, almost opposite. She is dark in a painful way, which Lorian can relate to. Nymre flatters his vanity, while Leira flatters his mind. Lorian sees that Nymre is possessive, she changed over time, just as he did. Nymre and Lorian knew each other when they were much younger and Lorian almost shaped Nymre’s ruthlessness. Leira is level-headed over him, she sees him as he really is – with his cruel personality, with his pain, and with everything that he hates about himself. He hurt her but she grew stronger from it. He regrets it, he really does. The darkness in him craved her pain, but… now he preferred to never do that. But at the same time he knew only that way he could pull her into his life. Even if he never planned to.

He trusts Leira, so she is the only person aside from forest priests, who knows about his pain. She found out by accident, but it left a strong impact on both of them. Lorian – always secretive, mysterious – now allows himself to ease and rely on someone, even if he still holds all threads in his hands. Leira doesn’t plan to change him. Doesn’t want to fix him, so to speak. She knows it’s impossible. He is as he is, and she learned to feel for him, to understand him. And became almost as dark as him. It’s not sweet romantic love. It’s dark love. They feel lust, that’s how they show it. And by dealing with the world together.

Women don’t impress Lorian ( no one in fact impresses him ). Even if Nymre did, it was some time ago. And he needs to be impressed. Otherwise he searches further. He must… admire. Leira filled this craving. Leira is “more”. And that’s why he drift towards her, until the very end.

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Mina is a very special case. She is not the kind of child to cry, panic, trying to hide. She examines everything, she tries to understand and is not easily moved. She can feel fear, but she won’t show it. Not as usually children would.

She is a bit emotionally limited – but that helps her in situation she found herself in.

Tiyan thinks always of her as most brave. But she only has problems with opening for feelings. She puts a dam between her heart and reactions.

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I am sorry for anyone who did this art. But I found it on pinterest and immediately thought of Lorian’s night form. I need his night form drawn so badly.

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Fey songs

Actually the tale of Reynardine,  I used in my story, if you remember. This is old fairy poetry, which tales a tale of a fox fairy who lures women to his castle. Reynardine is a name humans knew Lorian of, a legend, when Ain’asel was still shut and gates closed.