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Bright Nightmare

Nymre definitely knows how to spark fire in Lorian.

I melt onto you skin
a candle made of pure light
slipping into your twilight
drowning in your dark allure

my star pulses in your veins
finding chasms and sliding through the gaps
to fill you with suns and moons
burning in you with an enchanted flame

I swallow the night
bathing you in forbidden gleam
tormenting you with flickering touches
glowing in your black ponds

a bright nightmare
do you feel me in your dreams?

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My Lord, My Lady

my lady is filled with tempting stars
I follow them blind and eager
her charm swirls in me – a thick yarn
in which I lose my path, beguiled
threading the woods into her sweetest trap

my lord is filled with vicious gleam
I follow it craving and open
for his shadows to crawl under my heated skin
and drink from my heart – a bleeding treat

my lady is made of gossamer and raven feathers
my lord created from night and darkness
my queen loves me buried in her pulsing aura
my king likes me spread on the bed of moss

my lord
my lady
two black moons
two suns in eclipse

two souls drifting in the endless sea
of cruel needs and thirsty longing


Inspired by melody of this song:

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Sweet One

dedicated to one and only Mina :>



sing us a song, sweet one
[ so we lead you into the night, filled with bloodied fingers and eyes like stars
bathed in half truths and warm lights ]

sing us a melody, sweet one
[ spellbind us with your dance, capture us with your resplendant youth ]

touch our soul, sweet one
[ let us deceive you, a beautiful madness hidden behind a blooming rose
enchanted into moss and leaves – hungry faces gaze from each mirror ]

fill us with a smile, sweet one
[ stolen from your lifeline – your heart beating in a rhythm of our delicious horrors ]

love us
admire us
as we worthy of your heart and soul
[ turned into fairydust, shattered glass of your broken dreams ]

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Enjoy More

there are hungry vines reaching your throat
tendrils of death, growing through your veins
drinking fear and liquid bones

there are apples dripping off blood
intoxicating you with forbidden pleasures
taking life from you; replacing it with boiling darkness

[ winter king
and the raven lady ]

enjoy more, my beautiful mortal
taking in so much moss, allowing so many roots

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Music of the Night

[ dark fae love poetry ]

you threads are trembling
with music of the otherworld
played with eager fingers on your tendons
sending shivering notes inside your soul

your mind is swallowed
by the song of the deepest midnight
chanted by hungry lips
filling you up with delicious gleam

your heart beats frantically
with the sound of the pounding drums
pulsing in you flesh with heavy throbs

I heard you loved the music of the night
let it ring in your vertebrae
with shadows and thirsty gloom

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Human Lullaby

this is a human lullaby
woven with threads made of sinews and bones
told among ruins of a shattered kingdoms
dripping with lost hope and snow

this is the human farewell
eternal slumber in death and silence
whispered fairytales and hidden atrocities
beautiful like chill mornings

deep under the cobweb made of ice
we sing a human lullaby

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No Gods

[ Lorian to Nymre poem ]


we are surrounded by delicious gleam
sipping from the stars, allowing them under our skin
letting them melt our spines into the liquid fire

I promised you moon, enchanted into your veins
I promised you night, exploding in your mind with splinters of passion
lighting up your ardour with licks of carnivorous flames

we are kindlings for eternity
bathing in a violent darkness [ our bride ]
we are cruel like fate and bright like a day

no masters or gods to obey

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woven from rotting flesh and stardust
built from bones and stone-hard hearts
sewn from tendons and marble strings
made from misplaced love and storm wind

my court of blood and honey
my palace of thorns and phalanges
my temple of collarbones and rust

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we stole the light from your eyes [ pushing it deep into the black soil ]
we took the breath from your lungs [ filling them with snow ]

[ we took you into realm of joy and blood
sweet forgetfullness and looming darkness
pressing your soul into the forest floor
mirages and colors
saccharine grins ]

we stole the bright smile from you lips
black roots and sharp branches
reaching deep into you
tearing their way to your heart

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Threads [ Just Pull ]

[ Lorian’s POV ]

you drip with my shadows
every crack filled; skin embraced by the hungry night
your heart and soul beat at unison
with the wild drum of my enchantment
deep into your bones
deep into your flesh
deeper into the marrow
to dissolve inside, sinking in your nerves
like a promise of rain after a long drought

do you feel me now?
bathed in darkness
I pull the shivering threads of light