I lean over her breasts to lick the thick blood that shines on them with a black sheen. To taste her skin when her eyes close and her lips form a moan. So deep. So dangerous. Like the sound of a distant avalanche coming to offer me sharp edges.

Human blood always tastes of iron. Which for most of us is death.

Not for me. And not for her. I want to drown in its bitter taste. Drink mortality to the last drop.

My fingers run over her skin. The rivulets drip from her belly and trickle between her legs. I feel my desire growing as thick as the blood I have spilled upon her. I feel the sweet pressure, so tight, almost painful. She opens her eyes and I see death in them. Delicious death. I want to tear it from her, death and pleasure together, I want to swallow and devour her, destroy her and fill my loins with her overflowing power.

My shadows eat her hungrily from the inside and I feel her pleasure, a violent waterfall. I dip into the blood again and draw her closer, filling her mouth, her lips closing over me and tasting.

My aura slowly interwines with hers, I feel her pull, a light, gossamer thread clinging to my darkness.

I have her spread out before me, all crimson, all dripping.

My undoing. And my victory.

Everything falls into perfect silence, into mute stillness. The world takes a breath, holds the air in its winter lungs, while the drums beat slowly in my veins. I feel her nerves tremble, I feel it in my sinews and bones, spread wide by our struggling auras.

I want to bring her a minute’s death. A blind collapse into the all-consuming white.

Slowly she releases me from her mouth, licking her lips in a way only she can.

She wants me to fuck her. She pulls me between her legs, open and inviting. Glistening with streams of blood. Her spell strong and intoxicating, her thoughts dark and seductive.

And I will.

Oh, I will fuck my cruel raven.

2 Replies to “Blood”

  1. Leira and Lorian. ^^
    I don’t think it’s necessary to censor, but at the same time I understand, because of the blood. I found it very beautiful and poetic. Of course, dark, beautifully dark. ­čľĄ

    1. It was with Nymre :>
      Yes, I just don’t want people think strange things :>
      Thank you, Juli! I loved to write it, it gave me so much happiness haha.

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