He felt as her skin warms up under his touch. Delicate, pale skin, so easy to tear; her big eyes looking at him with a mix of desire and something more, something sweeter, that worked on him like a drug. Intoxicating, like a strongest spell. His fingers ran through her thin waste, catching her hips, squeezing and pulling her closer against his groin. She moaned lightly, her voice like a faint ocean breeze.

His hand traveled to her lips, parting them slightly; she immediately opened them up and allowed him to push his fingers in. His other hand started to slowly massage her clit. She understood very fast what he wanted from her. Her lips started to taste his fingers, she sucked them like delicious treat.

His eyes measured her, his head cocked on the side, certain curiosity in that, like he pondered if to take her or eat her. She murmured something into his fingers and released them with a loud wet sound.

Still massaging her, he placed himself just between her legs. She groaned at that, she really wanted it, he could see her thoughts, running wildly. Her mind was a whirlwind of desire, joy and readiness for everything  – the best combination.

His finger lingered on her lower lip, and he looked her up, with an interest in his black eyes. His hand slid down, and grasped her by the neck on which she reacted by opening eyes wide and smiling at him.

“Yes. Like that. Just as you like most…” she uttered and he grinned at that. Obedient and devoted. Again, a combination he never could resist.

His grasp tightened and he pushed himself deep into her, her folds embracing him like a glove, her wet entrance allowing him to delve almost fully.

She knew what he liked. And he knew perfectly what she loved most. His thrusts were slow, like liquid honey, her enchantment pulsating around her like a second skin, her glamour giving in completely, to serve him with her perfect, gossamer body.

Her skin wet, she tightened as he started to delve into her quicker, his hand completely closing the air from her lungs. Her face tensed, but her legs embraced him just in the waist and dragged him deeper forth. A wild growl escaped his throat, when he felt her glamour mixing with his, a dark cloud of his own and her lighter, trembling aura, slowly allowing to be swallowed by him.

He released her throat and raised her chin. Certain morbid curiosity on his face, something deep, like a well filled with night.

“You know what I like.”


His black eyes filled with darkness of another kind, when he leaned over her and drove himself into her harder. So hard. She loved slow, deep and strong thrusts.

“Yes… please…” he felt she couldn’t wait, her mind begging him for more.

“I know you like it too…” he purred into her ear and he took her by himself, sitting on the bed; she followed him so easily, and sat over him, taking him in again.

His aura started to darken more, his fingers squeezed her skin tightly. Commanded by him, the shadows crept from around him. She didn’t make any movement which would show she is afraid of his dark spells, more like awaiting them, knowing them so well. Very good. She knew what he liked after all.

The shadows amassed over them, caressing their both’s skin, making her shiver from anticipation. And then, before she caught that moment with her eyes, drove into her, through skin, eyes, ears… it sank in her like a veil made of smoke. She moaned, her body felt everything that he did, hundredfold, making her almost reach her edge.

And he… he felt everything too. Everything. Every particle of hers, which was his, completely his, and which tossed like a trapped bird now, under the shadows that transferred her all feelings, her whole pleasure, intensified, pure lust, dark as sin, just into this sore and needy spot in him that always craved for more.

His aura dim and pulsating, they both embraced by pure darkness. The spell washed over her down, down between her legs, so hard that she screamed.

When she came, he still slowly moved into her, tasting her pleasure, taking every bit she had in her body. Until he did too, making her whisper his name, flooding her with sensations. He growled, like a wild animal, when he released into her.


He tossed her on the bed, her thick white hair spreading over the sheets. His lips formed a predatory smile.

“You are such a tasty thing, Nymre.”

“But yours tasty thing” she sighed, her wings splayed under her like a spiderweb between the trees.

“I like when you surrender so easily to my allure.”

“How could I not?”

Of course.

How could she not.

“More” she raised, a day incarnate, and touched his chest, sliding her hand down. Lower. Wanting to continue.

Because… she knew what he liked, after all.

And he knew her all fantasies.