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Avras. The land drowned in eternal winter, struggling under a curse. Once a great kingdom, maybe not big, but thriving, which could be proud of it’s intellectual heritage, now is pushed into oblivion by the Unseelie folk.



Tiyan’s village. As most of the villages, it’s buried under snow, opposing winter. It.s inhabitants live mostly from the hunt.


The home village of Ona. Once a last place of real resistance, now almost burned to stake.


The city that was taken into possession by Praetiric Inquisition. People there are living much better life than villages of the woods. As long as they… repent enough.


Ain’asel. Fey land. Thriving with winter, dark place, where wind can eat body to the bones and black magic sunk deep into the soil.



Capital city of the fae. It’s stark beautiful, in ominous, almost primal way. Ruled by Lorian Ain’Dal. Life in Dal’coler is bathed in old blood and glamour.


Place inhabited by shadow faeries, vassals of High Fae. The Shadowlands lay mostly in mountains, which separate Avras from Ain’asel.