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Unseelie Facts

  1. They will throw themselves on fallen ones from their kind, going after a “wounded pack member”.
  2. They are all slightly mad. They all are too close to heart and soul of the devourer god, who created them in the even of time.
  3. The don’t respect laws and they don’t have empathy, but they will follow strength.
  4. They are wildest beings on the face of all lands but are able to attach to each other – if they do, they will go after anyone who will even slightly insult their chosen ones. Fae love can be summed as sex and danger :3
  5. They feed on fear. Are able to eat, but fear is like additional kick of serotonin.
  6. They are highly sensual and like to project that on every aspect on their lives.
  7. They are literally created from the star and night – first fey were born from darkness itself, woven from midnight light by the devourer.
  8. They are all awfully beautiful. In a way, that want other cut their veins and offer them blood to drink.
  9. And they all are my flawed children I love above all.

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