Tiyan, born before the war – the slaughter – with the fey kind, is a rather withdrawn protagonist of the novel. Closed in himself, he doesn’t give away his emotions easily. He considers himself a coward, and he loathes it, which influences his all existence and self-confidence. He doesn’t considers himself a hunter – but he does hunt, to sustain his family. He loves his sister above all and even if that means danger, he will do everything to save her from Fae clutches.


Tiyan possesses a power, which was given to him – at first by Lorian, the Fae king, to use him later in killing the elders or even worse, binding them forever in their prison, from which he could drink from them eternally. But the fey god saw Tiyan as a vessel and filled him with much greater strength, as a far-spread plan to escape from Lorian’s control. Tiyan doesn’t know it nor he even imagines being a key, but he is one – he can end eternal winter in Avras, and not only save his sister, but also whole land.

Though if you told him so, he would not believe.

Tiyan is rather simple man. He doesn’t have passions which would brighten his day. He just tries to live and love his family. His heart is big – he doesn’t even like killing cursed animals. He was born in wrong times – but his life may change them.

Short info:

Gender: Male

Age: 20 and half

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, medium lenght

Skin: Slightly tan

Personality: Silent, withdrawn, unsure

Love interest: Noyd

Family: Mina (sister), Gravir (father – deceased), Alina (mother – deceased)


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