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Mental State

I feel very anxious lately. Like… I am even scared to share my progress in my novel.

I will just take a small break and upload what I wrote later. Please bear with me.

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  1. You posted a lot! 😀 I saw there’s a new part, I’ll read it in a few minutes! ^^ And, I know what that’s like. I chickened out and went back. In Aerin’s case. Without me mentioning anything, a very dear friend commented that he has no problem reading NSFW, even though it’s not something he’s looking for. The only thing he doesn’t read at all is rape. This made me change my mind again, because I’m afraid of scaring away the few people who still read the story. (Please don’t hate me. ^^’) But Maeglor will at least try and he won’t succeed for some reason, but he’ll still hurt her. Because I’m going to love making Rohan angry about this. lol

    As for your story, speaking for myself, don’t change anything. I love your characters and your story. Also, I love your writing! Continue with the dark mood of your story. This is your home and you post whatever you want. Don’t be afraid, don’t stress about it.
    On deviantart is problematic. But here you are free. And I’m sure that anyone who reads your texts will continue to follow the story.🤍

    1. Ah, thank you Juli, that definitely lifts my mood 😀 I am like, deviantart is filled with fragile people. They tend to impose what author should write. I plan so many evil things, that probably I will just pass on dA and post it here ^^
      And honestly, if you read and Darkenaz reads, I am happy and that should be enough for me.
      Two people,but good readers and amazing friends 😉

      Do no worry, I don’t hate you 😉 As you said, “I know how it feels” 😀 My other friend on dA, we talked through notes and she said “your story is completely yours, it’s your kingdom and it belongs to you, not to people who read it” haha. I guess, I will just stay tho with this story here.

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