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With Faeries

With fairies, snow falls in he summer, leaves grow green in winter and night gleams with thousand of suns.

With fairies, you bathe in flowers with metal thorns. They make deep cuts in your skin, and your smile grows wider with every touch of sharp edges.

With fairies, you dance hundred of nights, while ladies in gossamer dresses circle you, their laughter bleeds like daggers.

They are air you breathe and wine you drink – a cursed ponds filled with black water, in which you see your distorted reflection. They are sweet like sunborn apples, innocent like a cat, prowling among the lessers. They are bitter like jagged pill, that chokes you with wonders and nightmares.

Step into the woods, step into the grove. They spread horizon before you, offering you eternal life. Life, enchanted with spells, that make it heavier than a mountain, your sorrows deeper than an ocean.

Step into the forest, where seasons change under your feet, and pearls of forbidden dreams spread like a gift from cruel gods.

We are your lords. We are your ladies. We own your breath, your blood and skin you wear. Get lost in the sea of mirages and wishes – clean your heart from life you once had. Sip from the maddening cup and become the servant of a timeless crown.

We wait for you. We crave for your innocence. We yearn for your mortality. It gives us life. It enchants our souls. It sets us free.

Our garden is always locked. We open it before you.

Step in, child, and be born again.

2 Comments on “With Faeries”

  1. “(…) Our garden is always locked. We open it before you.
    Step in, child, and be born again.”

    A trap. 😄
    This is so fairy-like! The dark and dangerous side of them, of course. I love it!! It’s beautiful.🥰💜

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