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Facts about Qhal

Qhal is a new OC, who Lorian sent to help Tiyan travel through many lands of Ain’asel. Here is little about him:

  1. He belongs to a fae race called soath lyth. They are fae with mostly light powers, very often opposing winter powers of Unseelie, yet they are as dark as High Fae. They are great warriors and fierce protectors of those they choose.
  2. Qhal has a transparent throat. Soath lyth don’t have stomachs adjusted to stale food – only liquids, they feed with light. Be the sun-, star- or moonlight. Their membrane has attractors which trap the light in it and keep soath lyth fed and filled with energy.
  3. He is one of the fey that are completely loyal to Lorian. He owes him a lot, which will be later revealed in the story.
  4. He has very sharp sense of humor and actually truly likes to use it.
  5. He finds humans amusing and frail. He is one of the fey that is enjoying them making mistakes and fall and stand up again… and fall once more.
  6. Soath lyth can’t lie. Qhal will always tell you the truth.
  7. He can be wounded by iron touch, but his resistance to it is similar to High Fae – the touch doesn’t kill him and he can withstand it.
  8. His power is spring – he can enchant the spring forest in the middle of the winter land – and secure himself from cold.

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