1. She is very possessive and jealous woman. She desires and loves Lorian but wants to be his main focus.

  2. She is submissive in bed but NOT outside of it. She is bold, outspoken and proud and filled with inner strength.

  3. She was a spy in the past, before she became Lorian’s lover. She still pulls the strings of spy net in the palace.

  4. She is one of the oldest and most powerful fae in the realm.

  5. Her innate scent is ocean breeze and her aura is light and gossamer-like.

  6. She never puts her raven mask off. Lorian knows how she looks without it, but she doesn’t take it off even to sleep.

  7. As a very old fae, she almost doesn’t need food, but in opposition to Lorian, she needs to eat sometimes to maintain magical strength.

  8. She is infertile due to amount of magic in her. The more powerful fae female is, the more chances are she can’t bear children. In case of Nymre, she is pleased with it.

  9. She can command ravens and to some extent other birds. Her own ravens, which she raised and “created” personally, have big blue eyes like her. They are bloodthirsty and always ready for hunt.

  10. Her wings are very strong and can carry her non stop through whole Ain’asel, even to human realm. She is very proud of them and delights her that Lorian finds her feathers’ touch erotic. The wings give her freedom and joy.

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