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First Lorian chapter rewritten

ATOM: Interlude I – Dal’coler

Per my message to Darkenaz:

When I created Leira, I didn’t plan to make her Lorian’s lover. Yes, he liked her enough, respected her, but she grew a lot in my book. So now, when I publish on Tapas and Wattpad, I am fixing this, making her darker, more… more. I rewrote the first Lorian chapter, the one with her (Dal’coler I). Because it makes much more sense, now, when she grew up in my mind into his lover – enough dark to love being one. Enough dark he had reason to like and want her. She is not weak. She is indeed a very torn internally but strong woman, who will have all right to feel desire to Lorian, for better and for the very worse.
She is not a pure human anymore, not only because of her horns and tail.
And she did and will do many dark things. Lorian’s words that he admires her gain new meanining. He is not easily impressed. Leira impressed him.

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  1. Did you rewrite it? I’ll read it at night, for sure! 🥰 Then I’ll follow you on Tapas… ^^ I don’t remember if I already follow you. *scratches head* Maybe I’ll post there again with the chapters in first person. I’m still thinking.

    1. Yes! I made Leira darker :> More confident. Enjoy! 🙂
      No, I think you didn’t follow me :> My name is lorianaindal, I think I wrote on your page.
      I would love to see you there!

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