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ATOM: A Cruel Taste of Desire – II

Leira couldn’t sleep.

When she returned to her room, her heart pounded with sharp anxiety mixed with elation. Lady Vern’ese thought all this time that she was using her against Lorian – right words in right moments, maneuvering a low slave into her well crafted, clever net, readying her to tell everything she knows about her owner… but Leira neither was low nor stupid. Lady Vern’ese was sure that Leira hates Lorian and will be willing to betray him…  a servant cruelly wounded by the ruthless lord. But she was staying close only to use the secret passages known to royal family only, to listen to her plans, her hopes and her fears. To listen to her talking with others. Reveal all nets before Lorian. Even those who never talked with or were near to him, in who’s minds he was unable to anchor himself.

Leira never felt so much thrill… unwilling, deep pleasure from being able to lie to a fae – her immortality making her immune to any lie detection. Which only her and Lorian knew. He kept it a secret, as he was the only one being able to see that she lied to him after drinking the water from under the core tree, pulling truth straight from her head.

It didn’t anger him. More fascinated. He was taking delight from another advantage he involuntarily gave her. His spy became even more useful… even more interesting.

Fascinated Lorian was a dangerous thing. She suspected Lady Vern’ese already learned this lesson. Lorian was fascinated with her lack of precaution and the ease Leira wrapped her around her finger.

And surely with Leira’s body willingly taking the pleasure he offered her, not more than three nights ago.

She took off her simple servant clothes. Obvious treason. Lady Vern’ese committed obvious treason. Which caused Lorian’s amusement and dark enthrallment. Another game. Another perfect deception.

And the fae still underestimated her. Lorian kept her in secret, allowing them to know only surface of the truth.

She put on the white gown, in which she slept. Her bed looked inviting… she needed to relax after intensity she lived through.

But Leira couldn’t sleep. Her heart still beat in her chest, wild, untamed muscle.

Thirty years…

She was here for more than thirty years. Seemed eternity. Her body gained fae traits, as to mock her humanity…  Many years ago, she despised what she became, what she had to sacrifice, to become who she is. To live. Her own strength and ruthlessness frightened her… but it was long time ago. Now they were filling her with something forbidden, which she didn’t want to let go off her fingers.

And she liked feeling him between her legs, spreading her with darkness, filling her with himself.

She wanted him to call her now. Show her that her darkness has a reason. Fuck him, have him and squeeze all his glamour off him, leaving only bare bones of truth.

She buried in bed sheets, her tired, tensed body relaxing, knowing no could enter her room… aside of Lorian.

Long time ago, it would hurt her from fear. Now…

A sudden pressure in her head, a caress, a stroke and an intrusion.

Her mind opened, instinctively, taught by years of doing so.

She heard the voice, low, not completely tamed. After what happened on the balcony, for the first time since then. He only addressed her with words all the three days and she wondered if he felt the same fierce doubt that was eating her… or he calculated that too.

“It was too long, Leira…”

Her guts twisted. Violently. Not from fear.

She slowly left her bed, her long white sleeping gown making her look like an apparition in the moonlight. Huge orb hung over Dal’coler – swallowing will to rest. But she knew well enough why they both didn’t sleep.

Perhaps he felt that it’s too much too.

He could just enter, like he always did in the past. That changed too.

She opened the door. His face was pale, even paler than usually, his feathered black robe framing his slender body in a flawless way. His black eyes reflected the moon from her window; as pale as his skin.

“My lord” she bowed slightly.

“Night is cruel for me…” he just smiled at her, walking in, the scent of violets even stronger than usual. “Perhaps you have a human remedy for a restless mind. Something only your kind knows… something… that will fill me enough to let thoughts rest.”

“I am not a herbalist, my lord” her eyes lay on his face, on his suddenly tensed features. “I started to use fairy remedies, when my nights were especially hard.”

“And they didn’t harm you…” he whispered. “Humans can withstand so much.”

Leira couldn’t tell if it was aimed at her. At her past. Their past. But something was telling her that it was exactly that.

“Would you want me to send for a soothing potion for you, my lord?” her voice caught up in her throat.

“Soothing potions numb senses, push one into false comfort… and I want to feel it all” he looked at her still, intensely. His dark eyes again a black wells.

He still played a game. A game that she couldn’t decipher, something dangerous and tempting. It made her veins burn with fire even stronger though; she wanted to dismantle his mask, all of them, and delve deep into his core, burying her fingers into his soul.

“My lord—”

Something cracked between them. He dragged her closer, possessively, yes, but she wanted it. Her body pressed to his, feeling the warmth radiating from him.

And the dam broke. Again.

Her hands quickly started to disrobe him, pulling his trousers off, her lips tasting his own. She felt as he removed her gown, unbuttoning it fast, until it lay splayed on the floor.

He pushed her on the bed; her legs already spread, she pulled him violently by his still present shirt, on her body, between her tights. His eyes gleaming with passion, she felt his hunger in her spine, as it melted it.

Her hands caressed him, fast and impatient, making him hard, his lips on her breasts, tasting her nipples, biting them. She felt how painfully tense he was.

All her doubts dissipating. They will return, with time. Again and again, until she mute them, all, pushing them into nothingness.

But now, she wanted him. Hard. No holding back.

She squeezed his bottom, digging into flesh. His hands on her legs, spreading them even more. Then, a strong, wild, hungry push.

“You withstanded so much, Leira” he smiled at her, a dark tone in his voice. And something more. Respect…?

He admired her.

Her skin crept, he pushed again, harder. Deep. She felt him filling her up, making her even wetter than she already was.

“I can withstand even more,” her throat forming a deep and dangerous sound.

He laughed, beautifully, and drowned in her.

Their bodies found a rhythm, satisfying each other, feeding their mutual desire. The past… it was in the past, cruel, hard. She will never forgive him, how could she? But… her darkness yearned for his shadows, for his night. Her body became one with his, giving herself to him and owning him at the same time.

He didn’t use prevention. Not today.

But she didn’t want him to stop. Her urge to ask him to not spill inside was lost in the passion. She knew he wouldn’t, better than any other person. Even if they both wanted it, both desired this kind of union. Her legs on his lower back, dragging him in, hard, harder. She wanted to be fucked, not made love to.

And he knew it, perfectly.

He read her mind.

And offered her what she craved for.

His victory. Her victory. A silent triumph of their senses.

“Do you still despise me, Leira?” he whispered into her ear, a perfect tease, dragging his shadows inside her with an especially tasty stroke, pushing himself hard against her walls. Her mind drifting into forbidden areas of her soul.

“Very…” the forbidden areas bloomed with black flowers.

“Delicious…” a low, passionate sigh.

And she came.

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