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Lately I write but also am very discouraged. I feel that my novel is shit and I won’t be able to write is as I want. I perceive all I produce as awful and this hurts my brain in unbelievable way.

I guess every writer sometimes goes through this but this cursed state prolongs and pains me.

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  1. What? No! Your novel is sooo good! I love the way you write. I can feel a real dark fairy tale atmosphere! In some chapters more than others. And your characters are well done and well developed.

    I understand the sentiment, though. I feel the same way about my story too. And quite frequently. I still feel inspired, but at the same time the lack of interest discourages me. I’m sure that the moment I stop reading other people’s stories, my readers will be reduced to two.

    But I want to say that I understand you, but I hope you don’t give up. Please. I really like your novel. Sometimes it takes me a while to read it, but I always read it. Sometimes I forget one detail or another, or I get confused about some things, but it’s not because I don’t pay attention… It’s just that I’m like that, a bit of a scatterbrain.

    If you need a break, take a break. But don’t abandon the story. 🖤🖤

    1. Thank you, Juli. No, I won’t abandon it, but I feel such a depression lately. I blame my perfectionism. I search perfection and that is… not healthy. I don’t need a break, but need a loosening of my expectations. It’s temporary, I hope. But thank you so much <3 I needed to hear it.

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