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Biology and facts

My crazy scientific and mythological ramblings. I can’t sleep. Mostly on childbirth. Enjoy [ and don’t mind me, it’s fun ]. This is also a bit… cruel.

  1. Fae don’t need a lot of food. When still young, they eat more, but the older they get, the slower metabolism they possess and like in case of Nymre’s an apple a week is enough. Lorian is another case, fed with magic, so he could not eat at all. Soon, his body will refuse most of the food, aside of core apples, which are also magical creations.
  2. Fae female can reproduce only through a short period of time. Magic each fae woman possess makes them almost infertile. Fey, celebrating the moon, are very influenced by it. When the moon is full magic sometimes dwindles in Ain’asel and the fae women can get pregnant if they want. Not everytime it works, it depends how strong magic a woman has. It actually works only on feminine organs. This happens very rarely, so…
  3. Fae men can fertilize human women. The woman slaves are very often used as mothers for their children. Sometimes, pure fey come from such union. Fae are not numerous and they like it that way, but sometimes fresh blood is needed. Some really want to be parents, too. They accept only pure fey children from human women.
  4. When fae society was still young, the fey were much weaker magically and could reproduce easier. Now, with each generation, the magical intensity grew in them. Causing the status quo.
  5. The fae don’t really worship gods. They couldn’t care less for creatures who technically want to eat them. They would worship Lorian, knowing that in fact, he eats them in reverse.
  6. Fae gods are creatures that overdosed magic, in the eve of time. They are omnipotent, because magic replaced their bodies, ascending them to godhood. Creator was a beast of primal night at the beginning. A creature led by instincts. But when he ascended, he gained consciousness and… hunger.
  7. Fae blood is blue, dark blue. It’s caused again by magic that runs through their bodies.
  8. Fae are a main source of food for gods. The gods sleep, but even in their sleep, they drink magic from fey. When they awake once a time, they are able to kill almost whole population of fae. Lorian stopped this process just before great awakening, caused by Devourer, the Creator. He weakens the gods so much, that they can’t awake.
  9. Nymre posseses very strong magic, she is one of the oldest and most powerful fey. She is not able to get pregnant. Only with the help of draining rite, but she doesn’t want children, so she won’t resign from magic even if only for a year.
  10. All fae has not balanced their equivalent of orbitofrontal cortex. They basically are all “psychopaths”, some more some less. Their brain, compared to human one, is all fucked up. They get serotonin stright from violence. For them, it’s healthy behavior. Fae who have balanced cortex, which is rare – end usually with heavy depression.
  11. Lorian is basically sex addicted. He craves a lot.
  12. Having lots of slaves or slaves in servant status, is an indication of position. So, Lorian has most. Mostly women (who would guess) but men too. Fae treat their possessions as a break from boredom unless they suprise them with something and get elavated to servant status. Leira is exception – Lorian truly likes her [ a lot ].
  13. In the past, humans were believing that being captured by faeries is like something coveted, because they can fulfill their wishes, share magic or become their [ tender ] lover. All who willingly searched for fairy rings, changed minds so quickly. Less fun more pain and humiliation.
  14. Most of the fae has light, breezy aura. Shadow aura is rare and is considered dangerous for owner. If fae is not learned to manage it, especially in their youth, it can devour the said fae with its intensity. When Lorian was very young, he had few rather disturbing accidents with untamed power.

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