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Lord Alnam – Character Info

Thank you, Darkenaz, you inspire, I love our brainstorming πŸ˜€

It doesn’t show Lorian in best light :> He is consumed by own pain and wants his savees to feel at least partial amount of what he goes through for them. Plus – he is awful, too πŸ˜€

Lord Alnam will become one of the important characters in describing fae society and one important subplot.

Lord Alnam is a High Fae, a part of the court and hates Lorian with a passion.

He introduced his son, Corvel, to the court, when he was very young – usually fae don’t do that, but Corvel insisted and Alnam had one weak spot – him. The fey usually treat their offspring as prolongation of their heritage, a way to pass the blood further, but Alnam was really attached to Corvel.

But the boy was hot headed and the first day he joined Alnam in Dal’coler, leaving family property, he fell forΒ  Nymre. Badly. It was both desire and something the young fey thought much deeper. He didn’t even know her, he just saw her and thought it’s love. Alnam didn’t know that. He thought Corvel has more brain in his head.

Corvel tried to be everywhere where he had chance to see Nymre. He followed each celebration and ball she was in. He talked with her only for short minutes, but was so eager with it, and Nymre found it amusing. Nymre liked the attention, even if just to later laugh with Lorian from the young fey’s attempts.

Until it caught attention of Lorian himself.

It was so easy to just extract the lustful imagery from Corvel’s mind. To see what he would love to do with her. And what he planned to share with her, if she allowed him even closer – the poor fool thought that amused Nymre is willing Nymre.

And it was enough to rub him wrong way.

When though Corvel liteally approached Nymre with hopeful delusions, it broke the dam. Corvel actually didn’t know Lorian well, and Alnam didn’t manage to speak some common sense into his mind, it was pretty obvious, that no one advances his mate. When he knew about it, it was too late.

Lorian just killed Corvel. Tormented by pain, he became darker and less forgiving.

Lord Alnam was done.

He started to hate Lorian with boiling strength. He had good reasons, in his opinion, Alnam knows nothing about Lorian’s struggles and he was good friend of his father, who was stoic and almost amiable king. Lorian is not only arrogant but also merciless. Despite the charm he put on many of the court, he still was darkest ruler in history of the fey.

And when Lorian decided to higher Leira’s position, he found a way, to avenge Corvel.

Alnam is a skinshifter, he can look as any fey or human. He took form of Lorian, during a festivity on Lorian’s ascention to throne anniversary… and luring her in, he tried to harm her. Literally, he tried to use her, destroying image of Lorian in her mind, if she had any.

He wanted to fuck her so badly, feeling dark desire for her, maybe even force her to carry his child. After Lorian killed his own heir.

But Lorian, to better protect Leira, made a magical thread between her and him. He knew perfectly well, when Leira is in danger and what danger.

It was first time a fae lord opposed him in such way. He filled Alnam with shadows for good few months, keeping him in costant pain, and then took his voice out, ordering him to whisper only.

He liked seeing him around later, feeling pain as he spoke. Better even than killing him. Better, because he knows what is in Alnam’s mind and he enjoys he hatred, his failed attempts.

Lord Alnam is a survivor of his own. He still seethes with hatred and he didn’t say his last word. His target is Leira still. And if gods will be gracious, also her lord. He doesn’t know what Lorian sacrificed to save his kind, so he thinks he is only a cruel ruler, who likes to cause pain, so much different than his father. Alnam is too important to kill and has too many supporters… and he knows that.

But Leira is in much better position now. Lorian grew more and more fond of her, she managed to enter his mind with not only lust. He really admire her strength and how she grew into the flesh of Dal’coler, how she adapted.

Alnam… will have a hard path, until he understands he has no chance.

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  1. I loved reading the text. ❀️ It gives more depth to the character and helps you better understand his motives and how his mind works. I felt a little sorry for his son, he seemed like a very naive person and ended up irritating people who shouldn’t have.πŸ‘€

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