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Facts About Lorian (15)

I expanded my “10 Facts about Lorian” from dA. Enjoy!

1. Lorian’s symbol is a wild brusha. Brusha is an animal from Shadowlands, who after passing the elder age, is eaten by the other brushas. His symbol depicts brusha eating own tail, with a rather devious, almost human-like expression. The same symbol is carved on Tiyan’s chest, just under his heart.

2. Lorian loves sex. As all faeries, he considers it a strongest showcase of attachment and love. And he is addicted to it.

3. Lorian is bisexual. He will sleep with both women and men. He doesn’t have any restrains in sexual matter.

4. He each day and each night feels attacks of terrible, bone-melting pain. This is caused by god’s power which he drinks from them in short periods of time. He knows the pain will be even worse – but he is dedicated to keep gods asleep – or rather in this case unconscious, weak – as long as it takes.

5. He doesn’t need almost any food. The older the fey get, the less food they need, and Lorian additionally is fed with pure magic. And…

6. … his favorite food are core apples. They hold pure blood in their flesh. They are magical fruits, so Lorian could live only on them, if chosen.

7. His power is shadow and night. He can enter with his darkness into bodies of others and cause pleasure, pain or both of them at once.

8. He is dominant, but in calm, cold way. He never bursts with anger, he never shows it to others, even Nymre.

9. Lorian loves his land. He can send the tendrils of shadows to feel it and it’s very intimate sensation. Ain’asel – the fairy realm – is something he would not admit, but would give everything for.

10. When gates to human lands were still closed, Lorian was known by humans as Reynardine, a fey who steals wandering women to his castle. Lorian never left his land back then, but this legend was rooted in tales escapees from fey realm were telling, to explain people disappearing in Feary Circles.

11. Lorian is a very passionate person, filled with inner fire, yet he shows a cold side to the world around him, an unmoved one, a perfect calm. Yet he burns high flames deep inside.

12. He likes others experience his power. Very selfish, manipulative and dark, yet he is able to love, with fierce passion.

13. He can read minds and it’s widely known. Yet it’s now known that he can enter them deeper, even if someone tries to hide thoughts. He can delve so deep, that he can retrieve smallests parts of someone’s life.

14. He likes books. He will read everything, if it catches his attention. Fey literature is very erotic, violent, indulgent and problematic from human point of view. He enjoys it. He also like uncommon knowledge.

15. He is a really dark character. Really cruel. And he is both a villain and an antihero.

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